A roadmap for Catalyst. This may be updated and adjusted based on market conditions and community decisions made for the project.

Phase 1: Initial Launch

This phase is all about setting the groundwork for building a successful protocol. This begins with the 3 critical components Community/Development/Business
  • Growing Social Media channels
  • Brand Identity
  • Gitbook Launch
  • Tokenomics
  • Create Tutorial for MVP
  • Website Launch
  • Social Media Campaign
  • Organize Community Airdrop
  • Launch MVP Kovan testnet
  • Launch v1.0 on Matic Testnet
  • Launch v1.0 on Matic Mainnet
  • Launch Presale
  • Partner With DAOs/VC's for Experience
  • Find Advisors
  • Hiring Developers
  • Regulatory Compliance

Phase 2: Maintaining Catalyst

More details will be released as Phase 1 is coming to a close

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