cAssets and Lyst Token

What are cAssets?

cAssets are indices designed to track the price of NFTs being sold in markets and give investors price exposure without owning the underlying assets. These cAssets grant an easy investment index for individual NFT sectors.

Current Lysts

  • ArtLyst - Index token for Art NFT marketplace

Future Lysts:

  • CollectaLyst - Index token for Collectible NFT markets
  • MetaLyst - Index token for Metaverse NFT markets
  • DomainLyst - Index token for domain NFT markets
  • MusicLyst - Index token for Music NFT markets

How are cAssets Valued?

The value of cAssets for our MVP will be the median sales price of NFTs being sold in individual markets over a period of time. Catalyst will query the sales transactions of NFT marketplaces to derive a median value.
For the release of V1.0, Catalyst will be working with financial analysts to determine ideal allocations from each NFT market to create a financial asset that is representative of the entire market.
All allocations of cAssets will be transparent and the sales transactions from which the cAssets value is derived will be available to everyone to review.

What are Lyst Tokens ?

Lyst token is designed as an incentive for providing liquidity to the protocol and provide governance rights allowing holders to vote on proposals. Fees and profits generated from the protocol will be used to burn Lyst tokens.

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